About Us

This indoor training facility is great for training during anytime of the year for sports including, but not limited to baseball and softball.

We provide space for individuals and teams to develop skills to take your team to the next level. Our team is passionate about providing a space that is accessible and affordable. We look forward to working with you!

What we offer:‚Äč

    • Team Memberships
    • Special Event Rentals
    • Private lessons with an instructor

Team Memberships include access to the following:

    • 6,000 sq. ft. open turf area
    • 2 large pitching/hitting tunnels. Each of the 2 tunnels has additional netting in the middle to allow for a total of 4 sections
    • 1 Pitching only Tunnel
    • Sock nets
    • Tees
    • Baseball mounds
    • Pitching screens
    • Softball pitching mats with pitching rubbers
    • Bases, cones and agility ladders for drills

The Facility

Available Equipment for members:

    • Tees
    • Pitching Mounds & Rubbers for baseball & Softball
    • Pitching Screens
    • Sock Nets
    • Bases
    • Speed & Agility Equipment

Spaces for Team memberships include:

    • 6,000 sqft open turf
    • 2 Hitting Tunnels – (sections into 4)
    • 1 Pitching Tunnel

Instructional Tunnel

2 Tandem Tunnels (divides into 4)

1 Pitching only Tunnel